About BBLS




BlueBook Law Society believes that selecting the right attorney for your legal situation is a highly serious matter—something which should not be done haphazardly, carelessly or on a whim.  State Bar Associations throughout the country are inundated with numerous complaints against attorneys who have failed to do their jobs properly—thereby producing dire consequences and/or highly unfavorable results for their unhappy clients.  With finances, fortunes, freedoms and families on the line, why put your most treasured possessions in the hands of someone unduly unqualified or even decidedly disinterested in the outcome?  We consider it impossible to truly judge someone’s skill, character, ingenuity, integrity and mastery of the law, by their website, ad campaign, billboard, or numerous legal directory sites they are found on. Furthermore, if you know enough to be able to properly identify top [invitation only] legal organizations which are virtually unknown to the general public, how do you distinguish between one “esteemed” lawyer and another?  How do you choose between one who is uniquely qualified to handle your case–not only through savvy and strategy–but who also has the presence, fortitude and heart to never give up until they have achieved the very best possible outcome for you?

We at BlueBook Law Society employ a more substantive approach in selecting our members and identifying those at the forefront of the legal profession – one which involves obtaining referrals from leading attorneys throughout the country and engaging in a considerable amount of research. We identify landmark cases and the attorneys who were involved with them; we highlight key points made at trial or in a brief, and we conduct in-depth interviews with these attorneys for comments and perspectives on their cases, as well as on other landmark cases.  Our endeavor is to provide a method by which you may glean  more of their qualifications through what they have to say – by their words and insights–as well as by their BBLS articles, biographies, testimonials, endorsements, and most critically,  the fascinating history and details behind their greatest legal successes. Second, and equally important, is our method of obtaining recommendations from our attorneys as to whom to extend BBLS memberships to, as they are most knowledgeable regarding other leading attorneys within their legal community or across the country—beyond what can possibly be found on a Bio/CV, website, legal directory or advertisement. It is upon this platform of research and referral, that we begin to turn the page in how leading attorneys are identified and selected—no longer by slick overused phrases, glitz and glamour, but by their words, successes, insights, referrals–by those things of substance that really matter and that make a statement as to who they are, what some of their most significant accomplishments have been and why, and how uniquely qualified they can be for you.