Key Doctrines Of Law – Overview


We have often heard it said that we in the US are a litigious society. We have often heard it said that this is so because we have more personal freedom than other societies. We at BlueBook Law Society believe both statements to be true. The purpose in bringing forth the doctrines of law contained herein, is to show the average person that he or she can be a more informed citizen with regard to the law, or, at least well enough informed to arrive at an intelligent decision about when to consult an attorney.

Every year thousands of citizens are victimized by their ignorance of the law. They would not have been so afflicted had they known enough basic law to have consulted an attorney in good time. Had these individuals been lay-familiar with the doctrines of law contained presented on this website, they very well could have avoided their loss: countless thousands of individuals who should have consulted a lawyer and didn’t because they lacked a fundamental understanding of the most rudimentary law as manifested by the contents of the doctrines we present.

There are well over three hundred doctrines of law. Most doctrines are very narrow in their application. The Doctrine of Riparian Rights has to do with water rights; the Pullman-Abstention Doctrine has to do with avoiding the possibility of federal courts unnecessarily deciding Constitutional questions. The Lis-Pendens Doctrine binds a purchaser or encumbrancer of property to the results of any pending lawsuit which may affect title. By contrast the doctrines we have selected and discussed are, we feel, relevant to the average person in the broad sweep of his every day activity.

If you believe a doctrine of law applies to a circumstance in which you find yourself, consult with one of our BlueBook Law Society members. We have spent considerable time, energy and resources researching and identifying some of the most remarkable attorneys in the country just for you. We hope that by consulting them, you will find the solutions, resolutions and peace of mind you seek.