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Introducing Stewart Tabak ...

"Never compromise your integrity - never lose sight of the fact that you've been asked to represent somebody who's probably having one of the worst experiences of their life. Truly, they are your one and only concern, so keep their interests first. I didn't become a lawyer to make money. If I can just focus on doing a good job, and getting a good result, the money will follow. If you think about the money first, you're taking the wrong approach. Maybe I've just been fortunate that way - but it seems to work."  

- Stew Tabak


"He's the best trial lawyer I've ever seen, and I know a lot of trial lawyers. He's obviously very bright, and the jury gets a clear picture that he' s very caring too - he cares a great deal about his clients."  

- Arch Bakerink - Bakerink, McCuster & Belden


"He has a wonderful presence in the courtroom. He fills it with respect and a sense of kindness that the jury enjoys.  

- Bob Zimmerman - Schuering, Zimmerman & Doyle


"Thank you for all of the hard work you and your wonderful staff have done for us. We are truly grateful for everything you have done for us — you never gave up and always believed in us. I have complete faith in you and you’re very good at what you do. Even though my husband and I were nervous about going through jury trial and having to testify in front of strangers, you helped us to get through the nervousness and you gave us confidence with your support.  It was so important that we went through the trial process, and incredibly satisfying that we proved our case to the jury and won.  Again, thanks for standing with us." 

- Kim T., client, Medical Malpractice Case


"I came to know Tabak Law Firm in 2006 after losing my husband in a sudden and senseless tragedy. No one would tell me what happened and I needed answers! Mr. Stewart Tabak and his team researched and investigated for over a year and provided me with justice and answers!  Tabak Law Firm is a highly professional team, yet they are able to give that special touch to whomever they are fighting for!" 

- Holly S., client, Medical Malpractice Case resulting in Wrongful Death


"After the shock of losing my wife in a trucking accident, I finally settled down to look for an attorney. I consulted my cousin who runs a jury consulting business and works with attorneys all over the country. He gave me a list of lawyers whom he believes are the best lawyers in California. After looking through a few of their websites, I made an appointment with Mr. Tabak. Within 30 minutes of talking with Mr. Tabak about our case, I knew this was the guy; there was no need to look any further. Mr. Tabak and his staff handled our case with the utmost importance and professionalism, and went above and beyond to help us through the criminal case as well. At each step of the process Mr. Tabak was upfront and honest about the proceedings and always took the time to help us understand our case– he fought for us at every step of the way. It was refreshing– healing, even– to have Mr. Tabak and his office on our side; it was obvious how much they cared. After three years since my wife’s death both the civil and criminal cases are closed with the exact outcomes we wanted. All of this is because of Mr. Tabak. He and his staff are an incredible group of people who kept us at ease while dealing with this difficult process my family and I knew nothing about. Without them we would have been at a loss. Words truly cannot express how grateful we are for them."

– Brown family, clients, Truck Accident resulting in Wrongful Death




KiliAs a California personal injury attorney, Stewart Tabak has specialized in civil jury trials on behalf of injured plaintiffs throughout the Central Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond since 1979. The numerous trials in which he has participated over the past three decades have had one common theme and purpose: personal, compassionate and conscientious representation of individuals and their families who have been caused to suffer from severe and catastrophic injuries — often times resulting in the death of a loved one — due to the negligent and unlawful conduct of others.

Whether the negligence occurred on the highways or the waterways, in hospital operating rooms or as the result of a defective product used in someone’s living room, while participating in a recreational activity or living in a convalescent home, Stew Tabak has been there. As an aggressive yet compassionate trial lawyer on their side, Stew is dedicated to working hard in order for them to receive full and fair compensation for their serious and permanent injuries.

Various prestigious national trial lawyer organizations have recognized Stew Tabak for his commitment to his clients and his profession throughout his legal career. With his law firm based in San Joaquin County, Stew Tabak is the only attorney in that County to be honored and recognized by having become a member of three well-known and highly respected invitation-only trial lawyer associations: The American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA); The American College of Trial Advocates (ACTL); and the International Society of Barristers (ISOB). There is no other trial lawyer in Stockton or practicing in San Joaquin County who has been similarly recognized and honored by his or her peers. In addition, Stew Tabak has been a sustaining member throughout his legal career of the Consumer Attorneys of California (previously named the California Trial Lawyers Association) and has served on the Board of Governors of that statewide organization; for four years he served as the Editor-in-Chief of that group’s respected monthly journal, Forum.

Stewart Tabak is a frequent speaker at legal seminars and presentations on a variety of legal topics covering many different areas of civil trial practice including wrongful death, medical malpractice, recreation/sports injuries, and various aspects of civil discovery and jury trial practice. He is an associate professor at Humphreys College School of Law in Stockton where he teaches Trial Practice; he has been inducted as a Fellow of the University of the Pacific in Stockton where he graduated in 1975.


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