Attorney Advisors


Our Attorney Advisors are preeminent in their practice areas and have been invited to become special counsel primarily for the functions listed below. In selecting our Attorney Advisors, we look for those whom we feel are most highly esteemed and regarded in the legal community, but even more importantly, those whose insights could be most beneficial.

Member Selection:
Before we extend a membership invitation to an attorney, we may seek insight or comment from Attorney Advisors regarding the prospective member. All provided comments or insights are kept in the strictest of confidence.

Relevant Site Content:
Attorney Advisors submit ideas, insights, and commentary for site content, as well as inclusion suggestions for valuable public resources. Being at the forefront of their profession puts them in a position to bring public awareness to issues that may concern and benefit all.

Attorney Advisors:

Andrews, et. al. v. Lawrence Livermore National Security LLC Garys case

 Gary Gwilliam, CA


Edward Nevin, CA


Gerry Leeseberg, OH


Chad Tuschman, OH


David Kulwicki, OH

JamesA.Dattilo large

James Dattilo, PA


Peter Rodgers, NY


Jeffrey Reiff, PA


David Klemm, MA

matt stanley new

Matthew Stanley, WA